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Advancing Global Health, Education,
Research, Innovation, and Care...
Thanks to the invaluable support of our donors, we have been able to
improve the health and well-being of thousands of impoverished
individuals and their families, and expand the healthcare services in
dozens of communities over the past 27 years.  This has been and
continues to be our mission and vision.  We are deeply grateful to all
those who have contributed their time, expertise, and financial support.
Our consortium member institutions all share the same goals of training the next
generation of global health leaders, developing innovative tools and programs to
improve health and reduce healthcare costs, and to address local and global health
inequities. One of the many ways we’d like to accomplish this goal is through the
establishment of
Healthcare Innovation Seed Grants. These grants will provide
funding to multi-investigator, multi-disciplinary teams to advance new ways to improve
healthcare quality, costs, access, or training worldwide through education, research, or
technology projects.

Open to the students, faculty, researchers, and staff of our consortium member
institutions, these grants would provide funding for start-up pilot projects in the
emerging field of global health with the potential to scale up and qualify for additional
funding from government funders and private donors. Multidisciplinary partnerships
involving at least two consortium member institutions and at least one domestic or
international partner would be given priority.  

CIH is now actively seeking donations to fund these Healthcare Innovation Seed Grants.
We hope you will consider supporting this endeavor, and joining us in improving
access to quality healthcare here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and around the world.

On behalf of all of us who are personally committed to CIH’s long-term commitment to
global health, thank you in advance for your support and generosity.
...Here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and around the world.
To donate online, please click on one of the
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To donate by mail, please send a check made
out to "Center for International Health" to the
address below:

                  Center for International Health
                  Attn: Emily Schmidlkofer
                  Aurora Sinai Outpatient Health Center
                  1020 N. 12th St., Room 4192
                  Milwaukee, WI  53233

Center for International Health - Aurora Sinai Outpatient Health Center - 1020 N. 12th St., Room 4192 - Milwaukee - Wisconsin - 53233